Matthias Reinelt is a composer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist. He produces lofi beats and techno.

As a social worker, he also works in a specialist clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry.

He is also interested in spirituality and practices yoga and meditation. And sometimes you can see him cruising through the Black Forest on his gravel bike.

Above all, he is the father of four children and lives with his wife in southwest Germany.

Matthias Reinelt


His father and his grandpa used to play violin. So it was clear to the 6-year-old boy that he wanted to continue this tradition


But when he entered his teens, he felt the rhythm inside him. And even today, the drums are probably the instrument to which his heart is most attached.


Until 2022, Matthias was a solo entertainer for 23 years, singing and playing acoustic and electric guitar. You could book him for weddings, birthdays or corporate events.

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In the late 80s, Matthias made his first experiences with a Roland D10 synthesizer and the iconic Atari 1040 st, which was the perfect computer for music production at the time. But he didn’t continue on this path, instead devoting himself more to live music.

Many years later, around 2010, Matthias rediscovered his passion for electronic music. A journey began in which he explored many hardware devices: drum machines, analogue mixers and modular synthesizers.

Studio 1

This culminated in setting up a hardware-based studio with a great passion for the aesthetic side of the equipment. The music to be produced with this setup was techno, mixed on an analogue Studer 962 console and recorded from a 1980s Studer tape machine. Unfortunately, this project did not get beyond the initial phase.

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Studio 2

Now Matthias has set up another studio with a completely different approach. Much smaller, with almost no hardware equipment. And his musical interest has also changed from techno to beats that are still instrumental but much softer.

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