Buddha By The Fishes

Matthias Reinelt’s life is deeply enriched by the essential role played by spirituality and meditation. However, his roots lie in christianity, which is how he was raised. These two influences find their expression in the name of the music project: Buddha by the fishes.

Buddha as a symbol for the path of one’s own spiritual realization seems obvious, while fish are an ancient symbol of Christianity. It could therefore be interpreted as Matthias‘ personal journey of a Christian opening to Eastern religion. However, there is also a small but fine tradition of contemplation in Christianity, which perhaps should be given more importance today. In this sense Buddha comes to the fishes. One could also say: The fish practice Buddha.

Meditation is mostly practiced in silence. However, many people find it easier to calm down by listening to soothing music or guided meditations. And so for matthias it is a natural and fulfilling mission to produce this kind of music.

In the next few weeks you will find the first meditative tracks on all major streaming platforms. Additionally there is also a YouTube channel, where further content is planned.