Techno and Lofi – music doesn’t seem to be much more different than these two genres. The speed, the tempo, the volume and finally the effect on our mood and soul … all like opposite ends of a scale. At first sight it is perhaps inexplicable that a musician should be interested in these two styles. But apart from the fact that we humans sometimes combine very different things in one person, there are also some similarities between lofi and techno: both usually do without lyrics and and both are extraordinarily repetitive. It is therefore understandable that Matthias has now dedicated himself to the production of lofi beats after a long techno interested phase.

Here are some projects that came about during this time. This formulation implies: now is not the time for techno. Matthias focuses on Lofi these days. But who knows, never say never.

This is the first video on Matthias‘ new YouTube channel. By that time he was totally addicted to the modular synthesizer. Details on how the track is made and which modules were used can be found in the video description on the Youtube channel. Everything was recorded on a Studer A81 tape machine.

In this video you can see the workflow of Matthias‘ hardware based techno studio. Only one Jomox kick drum module from the modular rack is used in this track. All other instruments are 19″ rackmount units built into the piano. The sequencer is the mighty Cirklon. After the mixdown in the 962 (Studer), everything is recorded on the Studer B67 mk2, which is still in use in Matthias‘ current studio.

This was a pretty cool project that would have been worth pursuing. Playing techno and combining this with live looped acoustic percussion instruments. The main device used was the Elektron Octatrack MK2. A really powerful but also complicated sequencer and audio player.