Solo Entertainer

Matthias as a solo entertainer – that was once upon a time. Just as his passion for techno is currently inactive, so is his time as a live musician. At the moment, Matthias prefers to concentrate on producing rather than touring as a live musician. Nevertheless, this part of his life should also find its place on this homepage. As a nice reminder of exciting experiences.

Entertainer Duo

The basis, the inner attitude to become a solo entertainer, was laid many years ago. In his youth, Matthias had a duo with his cousin Volker (organ), with whom they played at birthdays and weddings. Since they couldn’t drive yet, their fathers had to pick them up from gigs late at night. What a great support!

Matthias learned an important lesson during this time: You can earn money with music! With this confidence, he started working on his new programme in 1998.

It started slowly, but then it became a big success. At that time, most German musicians in that profession played keyboard and he was one of the few who played guitar. His repertoire spanned the decades from The Beatles to Rihanna and he was well booked for private and business occasions.

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Here a groom and his best friend took over the microphone and Matthias encouraged the guests to be the choir.

Unplugged was also possible if required. Here at a wedding on Lake Constance.

Party time with electric guitar. Due to a wireless transmission system, the dance floor was sometimes his stage.

Again …

Matthias was a solo entertainer for over 20 years. And it could have gone on for a few more years. But as they say, you should stop when it’s at its best … the time had just come. Also because there are other great musical ideas that want to be realised. So look forward to what is yet to come. That’s exactly what Matthias is doing.